Coming Back Soon!

Hi guys,


We will be back to regular meetings soon (within the next week or so)! Keep an eye out here and on Facebook for an update!





Galway Go Tournament 2014

Shall we go!? 






Meetings Over the Summer

Long time no see, I believe. Well, we are still meeting sporadically, and it seems that the day is Tuesday and the venue the Franciscan Well around 7.30 p.m. This could change and chance meetings could pop up here or there depending on fine Irish weather, my mood or just about anything so if you fancy meeting another time get in touch on the facebook page or email

Happy New Year and all that ….

Dear all Go players in UCC and around Cork,

Let’s start again next Tuesday the 14th @ 7p.m. in WGB G02.

Let’s have a casual 30 minute lesson/go conversation before usual game playing.

Let’s discuss the Thursday meetings.

Let’s enjoy the game!

yours in eternal Atari,


And then there was one…

Only one day, only one! I may burst with excitement!

Report: We have a restaurant for tomorrow night after the festivities –

The plan: We’ll finish up around 5.30/6 p.m. and then head straight into town for a nice supper and a few drinks. There will be much rejoicing!

Looking forward to it, see ye all there bright and early!


Only 4 days guys! Only 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone has gotten too excited about the tournament it seems!

Cork Go Tournament 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are only 10 days left until the Cork Go Tournament kicks off!

Just a few reminders:-

  • There will be tea, biscuits, coffee and cake
  • There will be lots of nice prizes
  • This is a Swiss style tournament so everyone has a chance to win!
  • There will be a slightly mad Cork man present
  • There will be a best beginner prize
  • And of course there will be lots of craic!

Looking forward to seeing ye there!

Check out the tab above for more details and sign up forms.

UCC GO Club Nova group

New group in!
We’ve created a group on the go server NOVA. In this group we can play against each other in three ladders (the three are separated according to the size of the board).

A ladder tournament is one where everyone tries to scramble to the top of the ladder by challenging people above you. If you win a game then you take the place of the person you challenged and everyone below them moves down one place, if you lose then you stay where you are.
Everyone is welcome!

Our New Website

Welcome to the UCC Go Club website!

We are a club that plays a game, a fascinating game at that. If you too are hooked by this game then do join us.

See the about page above for details of our meetings.

See the Tournament page for an exciting event that is coming up in December!


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